Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology


The Argentinian Publication U238 highlighted LANENT’s Initiative

lanent history

In the edition published in 2014, U238, a nuclear specialized publication presents a historical review about the creation of LANENT and, also, explained its objectives and particulars. With comments by Dr Raul Barrachina, LANENT’s President, this article portrays the background information that gave way to the creation of LANENT, in Lima (Peru), in December 2010.  

The article highlights the importance of a regional initiative in the field of nuclear education and training:

 “LANENT takes into account the (regional) differences and thus becomes capable of working as an integrating network which is derived from a fundamental concept: ‘cooperation sustained, for instance, in the integration of resources and educational activities or the shared use of information and communication technologies may play a significant role since all these activities are fostered by LANENT. However, the most important value arising from the creation of LANENT is the mutual knowledge among the different institutions that actually participate in this initiative,’ Dr Barrachina explains.” (Free translated version from the original in Spanish.)

To access the full article (in Spanish), click here.

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