Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology


Meeting in Montevideo


From 24 July to 26 July, 2012, an ”Experts’ Meeting to Discuss Structure and Contents of LANENT’s Database” was held in Montevideo (Uruguay), which was organized by the Uruguayan Department of Energy and Mining (DINAMIGE, by its Spanish acronym).

The meeting, organized within the activities of the Project RLA0048, was assisted by the following participants: the IAEA Technical Officer and the Project Management Officer, along with representatives from Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Peru and Uruguay (countries which have adhered to the Project), and a representative from the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

During the meeting, the design of databases of institutions, courses and courses of study, among others, was dealt with, which would become part of the new website of LANENT, which is currently under development. Moreover, the need to establish links with other projects and world nuclear educational networks was highlighted, in order to share the experience and exchange mutual information.

Another key point of the meeting was to discuss the strengthening of the public visibility and awareness of LANENT, which would be achieved by implementing a formal Communication Plan.