Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology


LANENT Vice President Participated at the 11th ENEN General Assembly Meeting

11th ENEN General Assembly Meeting

Within the context of the 11th General Assembly of the European Nuclear Education Network, the Special Event “Further Cooperation among Regional E&T Networks” took place at the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, on 28 February and 1 March 2013 in close cooperation with the IAEA Nuclear Knowledge Management Section (NKM). In this event, the following representatives participated: along with ENEN, the African network (AFRA-NEST), the Asian network (ANENT) and the Latin American network (LANENT). In the case of LANENT, its Vice-President, Dr. Juan Luis François Lacouture, assisted the event. Each participant gave a presentation on the current state and future developments of nuclear education and training in their regions.

Ms Mónica Sbaffoni presented the activities undertaken by the IAEA related to nuclear knowledge management and nuclear education. After the presentations, there was a panel discussion to detect needs and opportunities for the regional networks to collaborate  as well as the organization of events and common activities. Some of the identified points of interest are the following: students and professors exchange, the organization of joint events, the exchange of educational material, and the participation of students from AFRA-NEST, ANENT and LANENT in the contest of the best doctoral thesis conducted by ENEN over the last years.

Finally, a meeting was held between the following representatives from the invited regional networks: the IAEA KNMS Leader, and the new ENEN President and Vice President. The meeting was held to formalize the relationship and the possible common actions between the networks.