Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology

End of the Project RLA0048 (2012-2015)

The general objective of the Project RLA0048 was to further opportunities in education, training and outreach in nuclear science and technology and to offer a better access to information as a support for those activities by means of:

  • Development of networks
  • Use of information technologies
  • Nuclear knowledge management

The Project started in 2012; nine countries participated in it—Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. Below, there appear some of the goals that were achieved as a result of the project:

  • A structure of cooperation and collaboration network in topics of education, training and nuclear outreach was consolidated;
  • An educational platform and an Integrated Data Base (IDB); with information about courses, agencies and opportunities was available for the LAC region;
  • Interaction with other similar networks was strengthened;
  • Nuclear knowledge management regional capacity increased.

When the Project ended, the following initiatives were achieved:


LANENT website

It was the main outreach tool which published over 200 events and news of interest for the region. In 2015, the following numbers were registered:

17.020 visits
1418 monthly visitors no average


Online regional educational portal

It was used to undertake e-learning activities in nuclear and related topics. Through the portal, the following professionals have been trained:

portal educativo nuclear

255 profesionals
trained through 7 courses


Integrated Data Base

It had records of courses, degrees and educational opportunities of interest in nuclear and education training. It has information about:

base de datos capacitacion nuclear

 138 organizacions
related to nuclear education
(by 13 june 2016)


Symposium about Education, Training and Nuclear Knowledge Management

Conducted in Cusco in November 2015, it was the first of its kind in the region.

papers cientificos energia nuclear

81 presentations
During the Symposium



It was done to foster the preservation of knowledge generated in participating countries, thanks to the equipment and software provided by the Project, sent to INIS Centres within the region:

pdf educacion nuclear

10.507 documents
were digitized


Collaboration, Exchange and Mobility

Eleven Cuban students were sent to Mexico; one Brazilian professor was sent to Argentina and two Argentine students, to Mexico.



Thirty professionals were trained in the subsequent editions of the School of Nuclear Knowledge Management organized annually by the IAEA and the ICTP. Also, twenty two professionals have participated in different activities of Nuclear Knowledge Management after two institutional initiatives were implemented in the subject in Chile and Mexico.

entrenamiento nuclear

Regional Educational Project “Nucleando”

It includes teaching cards for secondary school teachers with information related to the text content: “Physics” and “Reactors” within the framework of the initiative “Nucleando” and the complete teaching sequence related to “Physics”.