Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology

Project RLA0057 (2016-2019)

Education and training in nuclear topics in the Latin American and the Caribbean region includes a multifaceted task. The first of these stages was the Project RLA0048 (2012-2015) which presents advancements and results as the basis of the new project: RLA 0057 during the period 2016-2019. Its main objective is to contribute towards strengthening regional education and training in science, engineering and nuclear technologies.

The project is oriented towards:

  • Foster training and professional development of professors; improve the understanding of Education, Technology and Outreach in Nuclear in the region and study the equivalence in the curricula of the degrees in order to achieve mutual academic degree recognition.
  • Support the development of contents in order to increase availability of materials for education and training in different areas of knowledge.
  • Support the development and use of e-learning and tools and facilities based in ICTs.
  • Support outreach activities adopted by universities for schools and the general public oriented towards increasing the interest of young people in scientific and technical degrees in general and nuclear degrees in particular.
  • Improve the knowledge management culture in organizations and preservation of critical knowledge in each institution.

Project RLA0057 is a regional project which has the support of experienced professionals of the nuclear sector in different leading regional institutions, such as the Argentine Atomic Energy Commission, the Autonomous University of Mexico, the Peruvian Nuclear Energy Institute which, among others, are committed to provide support with the available knowledge, the human capital and infrastructure resources. In collaboration with other major partners, such as the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the Spanish Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform, the IAEA, these institutions contribute to guarantee the success and sustainability of the project.