Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology


Operation of the network is managed by a General Assembly, a Coordinating Committee, a President, a Vice-President and a Scientific Secretariat, as described below.

1. General Assembly

The General Assembly entails a designated representative for each full LANENT member, and meets once a year, either virtually or personally. The General Assembly can receive queries by a Coordinating Committee, when deemed convenient, by means of e-mails sent to their members or by means of virtual meetings held in different ways.

The General Assembly is the maximum authority of LANENT and evaluates the annual report of activities, ratifies the acceptance of new members, establishes working groups and their action plans, analyses the annual budget and may amend these terms of reference as it deems necessary.

General Assembly decisions are taken by a simple majority of the representatives of full members present, except in the case of an amendment to the terms of reference, which requires the votes of two-thirds of all full LANENT members. In the event of a tie, the final decision is taken by the current president.

The member of the Coordinating Committee, the President, the Vicepresident, the Scientific Secretary, the Technical-Administrative Secretary and the representatives designated by the collaborating members participate in the annual meeting of the General Assembly, but they are not entitled to vote unless they represent any full LANENT member.

The designation of a representative to the General Assembly is established by means of a certified written communication addressed to the Secretariat or the President of LANENT. A delegate may represent more than one full or collaborating member from LANENT.

2. Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is made up of one member (National Coordinator), or their alternate, for each country of the region having institutions which are full LANENT members. Each member of the Coordinating Committee is designated by means of a proposal by the respective country’s authorized representative to the IAEA addressed to the Technical Administrative Secretariat or the President of LANENT.

The Coordinating Committee performs supervision and general coordination of the activities of the network, reviews the suitability of new applications for membership and proposes working groups and their action plans to the General Assembly.

The National Coordinator is responsible for:
- Represent all the full and collaborating members from his/her country before the Coordinating Committee,
- Organize LANENT activities and coordinate its outreach within his/her country,
- Foster affiliation of new institutions,
- Provide LANENT with the relevant information prepared in the country.

3. President and Vicepresident

The President and the Vice-President are chosen by the General Assembly from among the members of the Coordinating Committee for a term of two years and may be re-elected to those positions for an immediate consecutive term. After such period has concluded, the Vicepresident will become the president, and the General Assembly will choose a new Vicepresident among the members of the Coordinating Committee.

The President and the Vice-President preside over the Coordinating Committee and the General Assembly. They also serve as spokespersons on all subjects of relevance to LANENT.

4. Scientific Secretariat

The Scientific Secretariat is designated by the Nuclear Knowledge Management Section of the IAEA and acts as advisor to the Coordinating Committee and the General Assembly as well as a contact with the IAEA and other entities.

5. Administrative Technical Secretary

The Administrative Technical Secretary is composed of a secretary and an assistant secretary. Its function is to support the President and Vicepresident and is designated by the Coordinating Committee by a term of two years, with the possibility of renewal of his/her term.

6. Working Groups

At an operational level, LANENT activities are carried out by working groups made up of staff of LANENT members. The working groups and their activities are examined by the General Assembly during its annual meeting. Their number, composition and subject area may change according to the decisions of the General Assembly.

Each group has a coordinator, who serves as the contact with the Coordinating Committee and is responsible for submitting an annual report on the undertaken activities to the General Assembly. Moreover, there will be an alternative coordinator per working group.

The specific activities are annually proposed and undertaken by different Working Groups made up of representatives of institutions which are LANENT members. Each Working Group has a Coordinator who, along with the participating members in each Group, defines the working methodology.


  • Collaboration in formation of human resources
Participants: Ricardo Carranza, Roy Omar Edgar Bustos Espinoza, LuanaFarias Sales Marques, Joana Alves Brito de Azambuja, Aucyone Da Silva, Rafael Correa Devés, Florentino Arnaldo López Núñez, Gilberto Espinosa Paredes, Pamela Nelson Edelstein, Byron Gonzáles Montenegro, Bertha García Gutiérrez, Pedro Valdivia, Natalia dos Santos
Coordination: Cecilia Martín del Campo
Objective: General: Identify opportunities for collaboration among LANENT member state higher education institutions and with organizations related to nuclear education in other regions; to improve teaching and training in the area of nuclear energy and engineering in LANENT member states. Specific objectives: 1) Maintain an up-to-date the database of courses, majors and graduate programs at member state higher education institutions. 2) Compare higher education statistics (majors/graduate degrees, etc.) in member states with programs in other regions (Europe, North America and Asia). 3) Select courses to convert to e-learning.
  • Communication
Participants: Marta Contreras, Tomás González Canosa, Arnaldo López, Eduardo Medina, Rosamel Muñoz, Antonio Prado, Gustavo Venegas, José Vicente Xolocostli
Coordination: Rosamel Muñoz
Objective: • Establish the communication channels within the network, and coordinate the provision of information through different media. • Suggest and develop new communication activities. • Advise the Coordinating Committee and different working groups on matters related to communication and to the corporate image of LANENT.
  • Website, database and educational portal
Participants: Silvina Álvarez, Raúl Barrachina, Patricia Binaghi, Esteban Brizuela, Alejandra Chávez Flores, Tomás González Canosa, Rosamel Muñoz, Ezequiel Paolillo, Dante Rotondaro, Diego Vargas
Coordination: Alejandra Chávez Flores
Objective: • Operate, maintain and update the website. • Install, manage and maintain an educational portal. • Optimize, manage and maintain an integrated database with information provided by regional education and training networks and by the IAEA. • Provide to the network information on activities of interest, through the Internet and other means of ICT communication in coordination with the Communication Working Group. • Prepare different reports with statistics and/or indicators. • Contribute towards the preparation of documents on policies, procedures, guidelines, among others, for LANENT website and its educational portal, as well as for the integrated database.
  • Educational material and technological and pedagogical support
Participants: Aucyone Da Silva, Roy Bustos, Adrián Daoud, Bertha Milagros García, Eduardo Genini, Eduardo Medina Gironzini, Ana María Lerner, Eddie López Honorato, Mario Mallaupoma Gutiérrez, Claudio Perez Matzen
Coordination: Claudio Pérez Matzen, Roy Bustos Espinoza
Objective: • Provide information on and present possibilities and advantages of using pedagogical support when planning, instructional designing, producing learning tools, and/or implementing and evaluating actions on education and training in nuclear technology. • Increase the flow of information on education and training material in nuclear technology available in the region, both in a printed and an electronic form, considering intellectual property and copyright.
Board of Directors of LANENT
2018 - 2020

Esteban Picado, Vicepresident (Costa Rica), Eduardo Medina Gironzini, Perú (President) and Mónica Llansó, Argentina (Technical-Administrative Secretary)

consejo directivo lanent