Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology

Activities of LANENT


Presentation of the educational project Nucleando in the AATN 2016
Published: 30/11/2016

Coordination Meeting between LANENT and CEIDEN
Published: 25/10/2016

LANENT participation in ISSSD 2016
Published: 04/10/2016

LANENT participation in ALFIM2016
Published: 09/09/2016

Second Regional Introductory Training Course on the use of E-learning Tools as Support for Nuclear Education and Training
Published: 11/07/2016

Aucyone da Silva, from IRD Brazil, is the new president of LANENT
Published: 24/06/2016

LANENT participation in NESTet 2016
Published: 06/06/2016

New Memorandum of Cooperation between CEIDEN and LANENT
Published: 05/05/2016

The papers and abstracts presented in the international Symposium on Education, Training and Knowledge Management in Nuclear Energy are available
Published: 11/04/2016

LANENT launches educational content on nuclear physics for the whole region of Latin America and the Caribbean
Published: 22/02/2016




International Symposium on Education, Training and Knowledge Management in Nuclear Energy and Applications successfully brought to a close
Published: 30/11/2015

LANENT created a course about E-Learning for nuclear education and training in Chile
Published: 07/11/2015

Presence of LANENT in the 16th Annual Congress of the Mexican Nuclear Society and 14th National Congress of the Mexican Society of Radiological Safety
Published: 18/08/2015

LANENT participated in the IAEA Nuclear Education Networks Meeting
Published: 08/07/2015

First video to conduct outreach for LANENT: The importance of education and nuclear knowledge management in the Latin American and Caribbean region
Published: 29/05/2015

LANENT in regional meetings
Published: 30/04/2015

LANENT has its first Newsletter
Published: 11/03/2015




LANENT at the Chilean Nuclear Energy Commission (CCHEN)
Published: 23/12/2014

2014: A Year of Success for LANENT
Published: 16/12/2014

LANENT conference in Chile
Published: 15/12/2014

LANENT and CEIDEN collaborate together
Published: 18/11/2014

New LANENT Authorities for the Period 2014-2016
Published: 28/05/2014

LANENT was presented by the Vicepresident in Vienna
Published: 21/05/2014

Regional Meeting on the Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology, LANENT, in Mexico
Published: 09/05/2014

Meeting of LANENT in Cuernavaca, Mexico
Published: 05/05/2014

Coordination Meeting of the Project RLA0048: Advances and Projections in the activities of LANENT
Published: 15/04/2014

The Argentinian Publication U238 highlighted LANENT’s Initiative
Published: 18/02/2014

An Interview with LANENT President
Published: 06/02/2014




Presentation by LANENT President at the 57th IAEA General Conference
Published: 10/10/2013

A Common Action Plan for Nuclear Educational Networks Was Signed during the IAEA 57th General Conference
Published: 07/10/2013

LANENT Participates in a Technical Meeting on Regional Networks for Education in Nuclear Technology
Published: 19/07/2013

Presentation by the Vice President of LANENT in the16th International Conference on Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems
Published: 19/06/2013

LANENT Vice President Participated at the 11th ENEN General Assembly Meeting
Published: 22/03/2013

LANENT was presented in the 39th Annual Meeting on Nuclear Technology in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Published: 08/01/2013





LANENT Participates in the IAEA Meeting of Network of Networks
Published: 05/12/2012

The IAEA Praises LANENT E-Learning Platform
Published: 04/12/2012

Meeting in Montevideo
Published: 30/07/2012

LANENT Participates in the 10 th ENEN General Assembly Meeting
Published: 05/04/2012

Approval of the TC Project RLA0048
Published: 20/01/2012




Meeting of Academic Networks in Vienna
Published: 08/12/2011

Meeting in Chile
Published: 01/11/2011

IAEA Regional Project
Published: 28/10/2011

LANENT was Presented at the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation (Paris, France, 19-20 April 2011)
Published: 05/05/2011

Presentation on the ENEN 9th General Assembly meeting (Madrid, Spain, March 4, 2011)
Published: 06/04/2011