Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology


LANENT was presented by the Vicepresident in Vienna

lanent presentation vienna

Dr. Aucyone Augusto da Silva, the newly chosen Vice-president of LANENT, delivered a presentation on the Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology, in the international event “Conference on Human Resource Development for Nuclear Power Programmes: Building and Sustaining Capacity”, held from 12 May to 16 May in Vienna, Austria at the IAEA.

The presentation delivered by Dr. Aucyone was named “Nuclear Education, Training and Outreach in Latin America and the Caribbean Region”, and consisted of aspects related to history, situation, state of the art, tendencies of nuclear education in this region and members of LANENT, as well as its website and activities currently undertaken. The presentation was based on an article which resulted from the joint work among Dr. Raúl Barrachina (Instituto Balseiro, Argentina), the new president of LANENT, Dr. Juan Luis François (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico) and Mónica Sbaffoni (Section of Nuclear Knowledge Management, IAEA).

In the same conference, the graduate Alejandra Chávez, LANENT representative, presented the article “Integrating Knowledge Management into Everyday Practices: The case of the Intellectual Capital Section (ICS) at CNEA”.

For further information on the event and to download the presentations, click here.