Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology

Educational Materials

Interactive Sheet on Radiological Protection

laminas interactivas proteccion radiologica

Anstitutional Author: LANENT - Foro Nuclear.
Origin: Spain, Latin America and Caribbean
Language: Spain
Type of Material: PDF with QR code
Audience: Teachers and students of secondary education
Description: Offers the possibility to expand information with layers of augmented reality and a self-assisted course.

App Radiation in Medicine

app proteccion radiologica

Anstitutional Author: Radiofísica Hospitalaria.
Origin: Spain
Language: Spanish
Type of Material: Android App
Audience: General public
Description: Its purpose is to familiarize users with the effects of ionizing radiation used in imaging as the number of radiological examinations has been increasing progressively over the last few years.

Visual Periodic Table of elements

Institutional Author: Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica.
Origin: Argentina
Language:: Spanish
Type of Material: PDF and PNG
Audience: Children, students, teachers, general public
Description: Indicates where the elements can be found - whether in nature or technological developments. It has the latest additions recognized by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry.

Nuclear Apps Magazine

Institutional Author: Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares.
Origin: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Type of Material: PDF
Audience: All Audiences
Description: Publication about nuclear science and technology for young people. Avaliable every six months, contains articles related to mobile technology, health, artificial intelligence, environment, among other topics.


Knowledge Booklets

Institutional Author: Instituto de Energía y Desarrollo Sustentable de la Comisión Nacional de Energía Atómica.
Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Type of Material: PDF Booklets
Audience: All Audiences
Description: Collection of booklets about science and technology of atomic energy, its applications and derivative activities. Address issues such as materials, environment, health, safety. Free download.

Nucleando Project

Institutional Author: LANENT
Origin: Latin America and Caribbean region
Language: Spanish
Type of Material: Cards in PDF format
Audience: Teachers and students of primary and secondary schools
Description: Material that aims to inform about certain fundamental concepts about nuclear technology and its peaceful applications in everyday life. It was developed for the whole region and can be downloaded and used free.

Educational Corner

Rincon Educativo Nuclear

Institutional Author: Foro Nuclear
Country of origin: Spain
Language: Spanish
Type of Material: Web site
Audience: All Audiences
Description: This Database contains a vast amount of educational materiales for a wide range of audiences, categorized in thematic areas, level, type, audiences. It allows to perform an advanced search for videos, web sites and many other contents about nuclear energy, science and technology.


Institutional Author: Omiccron
Country of origin: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Type of Material: Website
Audience: Teachers and students of basic and secondary education
Description: Website which features interactive teaching of beneficial applications of nuclear technology for teachers and students of primary and secondary education activities.

Download mobile app here.

Ciencia Entretenida

Institutional Author: CCHEN-CONICYT
Country of origin: Chile
Language: Spanish
Type of Material: Video
Audience: Children in primary and secondary school age, as well as general public.
Description: Free Video Series that dynamically explains issues such as pulsed radiation, plasma, pulsed power and nuclear fusion.


Digital Educational brochures

folletos educativos sobre energia nuclear

Institutional Author: CNEN
Country of origin: Brazil
Idioma: Portuguese
Type of Material: PDF brochures
Audience: Teachers and students of basic and secondary education
Description: These digital educational brochures are illustrated and provide information about subjects sush as nuclear energy, radioactivity, and nuclear energy and applications of ionizing radiation.

All you need to know about nuclear energy

historia de la energia nuclear

Institutional Author: ININ
Country of origin: Mexico
Idioma: Spanish
Type of Material: Flash Web site
Audience: General public
Description: This mini web site contains information about the history of nuclear energy, basic concepts, radiation and its applications.